Directorate of Sericulture

Government of Madhya Pradesh


1. Training and Research

  • Capacity building of beneficiaries and employees being under taken in mulberry, tasar and eri sector for achieving national level parameters of productivity.
  • Research and development work including field trials and newly evolved high yield breeds of silkworm and food plants.

2. Mulberry Sericulture Development and Extension

  • Landless agriculture labour are being provided with 1 acre of mulberry planted land at Govt. mulberry centres on usufruct right.
  • Rs.6200/- per beneficiary is provided for cultural operation as revolving fund.

3. Tasar Sericulture Development and Extension

  • Beneficiaries under this scheme is provided subsidy for rearing equipment , construction of rearing house, irrigation and for establishment reeling units.
  • 25% as state share, 25% of share will be borne by beneficiaries and 50% will be borne by CSB respectively.
  • In Few schemes 60% as C.S.B. share and 40% will be borne by state and beneficiaries respectively.

4. Integrated cluster development programme

  • Cluster development would be considered in the far flung areas which are having low socio-economic profile .
  • Taped cluster would be affiliate with sericulture activities by providing facilities as per scheme directives.

5. Assistance to Entrepreneurs/SHGs/NGO's

  • Scheme envisage public private partnership by involving SMEs/SMF/SHG/VOs/beneficiaries.
  • Emphasis on design development, product development, product diversification and export oriented products.

6. Sericulture development

  • To develop sericulture in the state, rural areas will be taped to enhance sericulture activities and beneficiaries.
  • Sericulture employees would be trained by capacity building procurement of seeds on scientific line.