Directorate of Sericulture

Government of Madhya Pradesh


Tasar silkworms are reared in the tropical and temperate zones. Four species of the genus Antheraea Hubner and used for commercial production: the tropical tasar silkworm: A. mylitta D.(India) and the temperate silkworms: A. proylei J. (India). A. pernyi G.M. (China and the U.S.S.R.) and A. yamamai G.M. (Japan).

Antheraea comprises more species than any other genus of sericigenous insects. Thirty-five species have been recorded : thirty one in the Indo –Australian biogeographic region, three in palaeartic region and one in the U.S.A. . Besides, there are over fifty forms /variants/aberrants/races -twenty –five of A. mylitta alone