Sant Ravidas HasthShilp Evam Hathkargha Vikas Nigam Ltd

Government of Madhya Pradesh

About Us

Madhya Pradesh has been central to the destiny of India. Located at the heart of India, the state has been a veritable melting pot of cultures and traditions for innumerable centuries. Madhya Pradesh has been the teeming repository of inspired and mystical craftsmanship.

Many of these art forms and their fabulous practitioners have been threatened by the rise of modern technology. It is to save, nurture and propogate this unique heritage that the Madhya Pradesh Hastshilp Evam Hathkargha Vikas Nigam Ltd has been working tirelessly over the years. It aims to be provide craftsmen of MP with the tools with which they can continue to practice with profit and dignity what has been vouchsafed to them by bygone generations.

The Nigam has established several Craft Development Centres and Common Facility Centres right across Madhya Pradesh. It has initiated meticulous surveys and documentation of the various kinds of handicrafts being practiced in the state. To keep in tune with the changing times and modern tastes, the Nigam has started imparting skill upgradation, training, product designing and diversification programmes. It has also been actively supporting the artisans of the state through participation in various national and international exhibitions.

Mrignayanee-a unit of Madhya Pradesh Hastshilp Evam Hathkargha Vikas Nigam Ltd. has been at the cente of all the Nigam's endeavours. With its countrywide network, Mrignayanee has facilitated the wonderful creations of the master craftsmen to reach the true art lovers. It has provided the artists and craftsmen with efficient and profitable means of showcasing and marketing their products. The story of Mrignayanee is as diverse and fascinating as the art and creations of the state of Madhya Pradesh itself.


  • Identification of the specific clusters that require a boost-specific crafts one or two- shall be promoted in selected district – those that are traditionally being practiced.
  • Exposure of artisans to the best practices available.
  • Marketing of items through HSVN showrooms and through exhibitions involving actual artisans both nationally and internationally.
  • Taking care of the welfare of artisans by holding medical check up camps.
  • Support preserving dying out crafts by design upgradation.
  • Ensuring sustained employment of artisans.
  • Infusing a strong design element into the traditional crafts in accordance with the tastes of the urban customer, in order to increase the sale ability. An attempt shall be made to retain their traditional flavors too.


  • Craft Development

    • Design Development
    • Sample development
    • Documentation of crafts
    • Rejuvenating of diminishing crafts
  • Develop Enabling environment

    • Development Centres
    • Common Facility Centres
    • Financial assistance to Entrepreneurs SHG/NGO’s
    • State level Awards
    • Infrastructure Development for Crafts.
  • Development of Craftspersons

    • Training- Basic Skill Development
    • Training- Skill upgradation
    • Training- Mastercraftsperson
    • Tools on subsidy


Madhya Pradesh Hastashilp evam Hathkargha Vikas Nigam is a state government undertaking and is contributing significantly towards conserving the traditional and non-traditional crafts of Madhya Pradesh through its emporium “Mrignayanee”. Mrignayanee brings to you products from Madhya Pradesh rich and traditional culture which is interwoven with many myths and legends. The stunning colour visuals on textiles and beautiful carvings and workmanship on handicrafts separate the craft of Madhya Pradesh from other states, defining its cultural identity. Two long standing traditions of weaving and block printing are represented in materials of Chanderi, Maheshwar, Tussar Silk, Bagh Hand Block Prints and Dabu Print which are sought by almost all over India and abroad. Mrignayanee aims to provide sustainable employment opportunities to the weavers and craftsmen of the state. Buy a handcrafted product from “Mrignayanee” and contribute to the continuation of this traditional heritage.