Madhya Pradesh Silk Federation

A Government of Madhya Pradesh Enterprise


Madhya Pradesh Silk Federation itself or through some agency run all the commercial activities related to the silk industry and role of the Directorate of Sericulture to be limited to developmental activities.

1. Cocoon marketing activity

Before formation of M.P Silk Federation Directorate Of Sericulture, M.P purchased all the cocoons produced by the beneficiaries/ext. farmers and an amount to the tune of Rs. -- lakhs was spent on it every year as the Silk Federation has one of its objectives to perform reeling of cocoons with other value addition activities, it was decided that M.P Silk Federation will purchase all the cocoons produced by the beneficiaries extension farmers.

Silk Federation have 8 cocoon Banks in the state where cocoon grower could sell their product. Cocoon Bank provide them immediate payment. The other notable thing is that these cocoons at the time of purchase are being evaluated by cocoon bank for their quality while earlier they sold their product at prefix flat prices.

List of Cocoon / Yarn Banks in MP
S.No. Place District Link District
1. Indore Indore Dhar,Jhabua,Indore, Khandwa, Khargone
2. Sarangpur Rajgarh Rajgarh, Shajapur, Dewas, Ujjain
3. Deodhara Mandla Mandla,Dindori.
4. Balaghat Balaghat Balaghat, Seoni
5. Mungwani Narsingpur Narsinghpur, Sidhi, Shahdol, Jabalpur, Katni, Panna
6. Sironj Vidisha Vidisha, Raisen,Sehore, Bhopal.
7. Matkuti Hoshangabad Hoshangabad, Harda, Betul, Chhindwara.
8. Raghogarh Guna Guna, Shivpuri,Ashok Nagar.

2. Silk Reeling Activity

For value addition of Silk cocoons produced by cocoon grower, the Silk Federation is running 8 reeling units through the Self Help Group of beneficiaries. The units are producing approximately --- kg. silk yarn annually, which is being made available on prefixed reasonable prices to handloom silk weavers of M.P.

Eight reeling unit located at following places:
  1. Mungwani(Narsinghpur)
  2. Malakhedi (Hoshnagabad)
  3. Raghogarh (Guna)
  4. Sarangpur (Rajgarh)
  5. Deodhara (Mandla)
  6. Balaghat
  7. Sironj (Vidisha)
  8. Sukhtawa (Hoshnagabad)

In private sector, 2 mulberry silk reeling visits are also established in the state.

  1. Salechawka (Narsinghpur)
  2. Katangi (Balaghat)

3. Silk Marketing

Silk Federation has set up 8 Yarn Banks in the state for marketing of silk yarn produced by the reeling units of Silk Federation. These yarn banks are not only marketing platform for sale of Silk but also gather views of weavers regarding their specific requirement, yarn quality etc. At present silk yarn worth Rs. ---- lakh is being marketed annually by Silk Federation.

4. Value addition & product development activity

M.P. Silk federation is keen to preserve and export the traditional weaving heritage of the state through the specific pattern and design of traditional weavers of Chanderi and Maheshwar as well as other weaves pockets, which are being produced on Cotton, silk& other materials. The silk federation is making special effort to link certain fabric specialties of the state such as thin Chanderi cloth, specific Maheshwari weaving designs and Bagh printing on silk weaves etc. Apart form this value addition activities such as Embroidery, hand printing etc. on silk cloth is also under taken on above mentioned fabric specialties

5. Fabric production and it marketing activity

MP Silk federation exotic products are popular among common man of the state and also outside the state. Demonstration cum Sale exhibition are being organized to make silk fabric available at affordable price to common man. Apart from this, MP Silk federation though its airconditioned showroom situated in New Market and Jahangirabad, Bhopal is now trying to make available silk fabric on affordable prices to all sections of the society.